Jan 24, 2005

For Tomorrow

Here is an article on Starbucks earnings.

Investors worry that Starbucks will soon have no more American soil to
conquer, forcing it to cannibalise its stores. Abroad, especially in Europe,
some fear that Starbucks will not be able to leverage its brand with the same
success it has had at home.

These fears, while not unfounded, have been with Starbucks for a long while.
Back in 1998, satirical website The Onion jokingly reported that Starbucks
"continued its rapid expansion Tuesday, opening its newest location in the men's
room of an existing Starbucks". Meanwhile, betting against Starbucks in Europe
poses risks, given the success of its management.

I posted it mainly because it was funny but the article has some good color if you have an interest in the stock.

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