Jan 26, 2005

The Entertainment Section

It is probably hard to be in the financial markets the last 10 years and not know who Jim Cramer is. It surprised me a bit to see him in the international news.

Twice the Cramer, twice the ratings?

Is the world ready for double the daily dose of Jim Cramer?

The hard-charging (and occasionally phone-tossing) hedge-fund guru seems set to be the latest moving part in CNBC's ever-changing evening schedule.

First, John McEnroe, tennis ace, had his show cancelled. Now CNBC is set to shoot down Dylan Ratigan's Bullseye by the middle of next month and replace it with an hour of Cramer picking stocks.

For those who follow the cable network's scheduling this raises the possibility of back-to-back Cramer - if he stays put on Kudlow & Cramer.

CNBC was not immediately able to confirm the timing of the switch. But Observer wonders: could the replacement of Ratigan's salon-like "whine and cheese" party with Cramer's vociferous ways signal the return of hard- charging times?

Either way, a glance at Cramer's newest book may hint at why CNBC is betting on him to boost its ratings. Jim Cramer's Real Money, due out in April, begins: "I want you to be rich. Real rich.

"That's my goal . . . I've made too many other people rich for me to think that I won't do it with you."

In a business of egos this guy manages to stand out. While I respect his vision in launching TSCM, I wonder a bit about his ability to really make money for other people. I generally found the other writers on his site to be more useful but maybe that is just me. The pitch of his voice does seem to rise and fall with the markets which sometimes makes for good TV.

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