Jan 7, 2005

A Chart for Tomorrow

MDC raised its earnings guidance tonight. Stories like this flash by all the time but on this one I poped up a chart to take a look at it. It has not participated in the New Year's correction to any great degree and appears well poised to make new highs in the first hour of trading tomorrow.

I don't know anything about the stock but that is just my first guess from seeing the chart and the news. Obviously all the real geniuses bought it today. If you are not among them it is probably still goood for entertainment value.

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Click on the chart to see a larger image!!

And while I am on. The breadth had been kind of crap all through December so with yesterday's performance we have managed to set a pretty low bar. It would not take much now for the breadth to actually begin improving even if the indices make a new low. Check out the oscillator to see what I mean.

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