Nov 21, 2004

Charts for shorting

Charts posted by Hello

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HSY (Hershey) looks like an excellent short with a very clean double top. I selected it for purely technical reasons and then smacked my forehead a bit as I recalled what has been going on in the Ivory Coast for a couple of weeks. A good target for this move down might be the 50 day. I almost included a chart of SBUX (Starbucks) here, also for technical reasons, and checked the news a bit on that one too. While coffee is important to the Ivory Coast it is still only 3% of the world market. Doesn't mean it can't work for a trade but the news gives better support to a HSY short. Both companies' bottom lines are driven by many factors besides input prices but often that does not matter to the market in the short-run. Relevant or not markets are drawn to stories.

LM (Legg Mason) made a big contribution to the breakout in the broker complex but since the initial move it appears to be running on fumes. Because yesterday's selloff also lacked volume, shorting here is a bit dicey and I would wait for an inside day (between yesterday's high and low) to initiate a position.

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