Mar 22, 2005

Stocks get Whacked on Bond Selloff

Didn't really see that coming. It is hard for me to understand the weakness in stocks given the FOMC statement. Since they hit my "bullish" case (along with expectations), I hate to think what would have happened had they not.

My feeling is that bonds got caught very wrong footed following this AM's PPI. The sharp reversal easily broke new lows in 5s and 10s which left them little chance to recover. Stocks in all sectors got sold , being led lower by Citibank (C) and AIG (AIG). I still think there is a chance for an equity rally tomorrow but am generally surprised at the way the stock market fell apart today.

I am particularly surprised that gold, silver, and copper stocks all came off with the market. I realize the dollar rallied but there is a disconnect between inflation fears and commodity weakness.

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