Feb 12, 2005

New Link

I just added a link to the Capital Chronicle on the right. I corresponded with Alzahr a while back but never ran into his blog until today. He sits in the U.K. and I am resolved to find some more international blogs this weekend.

I generally feel that one of the biggest hurdles U.S. investors face is learning about non-U.S. investments. The global markets are not that isolated but for some reason the brokerage industry has not really caught on to that yet. I imagine a big trend over the next 10 years will be the end of home country bias for U.S. investors.


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  2. Hi, Michael and thanks for the link (now reciprocated).

    I'm actually in the French Alps (isn't internet a Great Thing?) but, yes, I split my investments between the US and the UK, and international firms listed on the London Stock Exchange.

    I believe retail investor insularity is not limited to the US. Those in the UK (and elsewhere) also are wary of fx hurdles, foreign securities law/regulations, tax implications etc.

    Another large obstacle is freely available finacial data. The US is way out in front here, making research a breeze. Again, that's the net. Just 10 years ago it was a struggle in terms of time and effort to get hold of good data.

    Look forward to seeing what other sites you dig up.



    PS/You must let me know if you made the sterling trade? The recent dollar surge (abating it seems) would have been a money-spinner for you...

  3. I had it on for about 1/2 hour this week on Tues Feb 8th. I put in an order to short GBP against the Yen at 196.4 last Thursday following the Fed but by the time it got executed it was very obviously the wrong trade and I got out flat.

    Mostly a crime of omission as I saw this dollar move coming on Fed day last week but when the Yen did not participate the next morning I got a bit caught up in my belief that the yen would appreciate.

    My girlfriend just poked her head in to see what I was doing. She said "Does he really live in the French Alps?? Ask him if he as a cabin and we can come skiing!" Must be nice. :)

    Look forward to reading your site more.


  4. At least you got out clean.

    Good skiing is a mere 20 mins away; huge choice within 90 min radius. No cabin nearer the pistes I'm afraid, and working on the spare room (3 kids take up space).

    But if you make it over we'll work something out.