May 7, 2005

Handy Bond Market Data

Brad Setser stuck in a comment that had me checking out bond data. I still have not found net long-term corporate issuance for 2004 but thought I would organize some of the resources I ran into.

Bond Market Association has a table of outstanding debt by sector from 1985-2004. Other BMA tables here.

Thomson Financial's capital market summary 4Q 2004 (U.S. total debt issuance by sector on page 13 shows long term issuance excluding MBS, ABS, and Munis down 2.5% from '03) and lots of other reports (mostly league tables) here .

The BMA also provides which is a good starting point for current bond prices and spreads. The corporate page will pop up the most active corporate issues and you can even watch a bond market ticker.

The U.S. treasure curve with swaps included is available at GovPx and there is a bond market outlook and news summary provided by Stone and McCarthy. You can also get economic headlines refreshed every 2 minutes if that is your pleasure.

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