Dec 3, 2004

Faber Speaks

The entire article is a great read but this section capture what I said about oil earlier:

"So the demand side is very strong, the incremental demand lead to rise in oil price as you can see. By the way, in your lifetime you won’t see oil at $12 a barrel again ever. That is finito, over.

Now we had some inventory accumulation this year, In the first nine months the Chinese imported 34% more oil than last year. I think they didn’t need 34% more oil so there has been some inventory accumulation. So oil prices could easily, in my opinion, go anywhere between $30- $40 in the months ahead when growth slows down, but the trend is definitely for oil demand in Asia to rise as people go from the bicycles to the motorcycles to the cars. Once they move from the countryside to the cities they need the refrigerators, they need transportation, heaters and so forth and so energy demands rises a lot. " - Mark Faber

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