Oct 23, 2004

Really the bottom? (DXY, SPX)

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The DXY (Dollar Index) is oversold and coming into double support around 85 from the downtrend line and the '04 lows. Hard to see it bouncing past the 87-88 level and probably a good short when it arrives there. The longer-term downtrend has almost certainly resumed for the reasons given here and I continue to think the Euro and the Yen are better longs than the Pound and commonwealth currencies.

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This is important because while the Dow appears in freefall toward the bottom of its channel the S&P does not look nearly as bad. This oscillator in particular shows that instead of gaining downside participants the market is losing momentum. A bounce above 1110 in the S&P without a new low for the oscillator would confirm a short-term bottom. Here is an explanation of the oscillator for those unfamiliar with it.

Definition from TC2000 - "The McClellan Oscillator is calculated by subtracting a 39 day moving average of (Advances – Declines) from a 19 day moving average of (Advances – Declines). It not only works as an overbought/oversold indicator, it works fairly well at making short-term trend changes when it crosses the zero line."

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