Sep 23, 2005

Renminbi: Less Currency Basket More Dollar Peg

From Bloomberg:

China's central bank said today it will allow the yuan to strengthen by as much as 3 percent from a daily fixed rate against the euro, from 1.5 percent previously. It kept the range against the dollar unchanged. The 12-nation currency is also being hurt by expectations the interest-rate advantage of U.S. government debt over European bonds will widen.
Macroblog has more on the news but Brad Setser had something a few weeks back that telegraphed this pretty well. To me this news means China is not giving up on the dollar peg anytime soon. More important than my interpretation is what the U.S. congress makes of it. A lot on their plates now but protectionism was certainly more popular before China announced its currency basket. Probably bad for stocks if that sentiment returns.

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